Monday, July 27, 2015

Costa Mesa Missionaries x 3!

Savannah has been in California for almost 2 weeks now...she is in a trio companionship, which means, yes, she is one of 3 missionaries living together and teaching together.  Her companions are Hermana White & Hermana Rodriquez and they are great and teaching her a lot!

Her first area is Costa Mesa, which is technically outside of the area but still counts as the Anaheim Mission.  

They have taught quite a few lessons, but mostly in English, since the younger generation speaks more English than Spanish.

Savannah was also fortunate to come in time for a baptism!  "Her name is Lindsay (see pic below, girl in white) and she is such a cutie.  It was a really neat experience.  I have not been to many baptisms besides my own and seeing that girl, whom I grew to love so quickly, accept the Gospel was amazing". 

Little "Isabella", the girl in front of me wouldn't leave my side.

"We've found quite a few people (usually to and from lessons).
We found a referral and he called to make an appointment but was gone when we went to teach him. :(  We're teaching a very nice girl named Isel, her mom's a member, and her brother wants to start taking lessons as well.

It's been rough for all of us really, we are all trying to adjust to something new, being in a trio is difficult, but fun. I absolutely love my companions to death though, and I love Costa Mesa! So happy to be a missionary!!!"

So, you might have noticed Savannah is now a red head.  Guess her companions have some experience with dying hair and Savannah got her wish to be a red head.  She is dealing with humidity and so is her curly hair!

Savannah is an Ipad Missionary, not sure what that all means, but I think she is enjoying it!

I don't think they have air conditioning in their apartment, as they are sleeping on top of their sheets, it's HOT.  Hang in there girl, summer is almost over!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Let us all press on" Anaheim!

After six weeks of intensive Spanish speaking training in the MTC, Savannah is finally in Anaheim, and she is pretty darned excited about it!

I missed a regular email from her, as she left on her MTC Prep day, but I did get these photos from her later that day.

 I did, however, get to spend about an hour on the phone with her while she waiting for her flight. It was just wonderful to hear her voice!

Savannah really loved her time in the MTC, loves the Spanish language, feels she has a good foundation now and is just so excited to really start her mission in California.

Thanks for all your love & support, letters and packages.  They have meant so much to her.  Until next week, here is Savannah's new favorite hymn. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

MTC: one month and going strong!

Yes, I'm behind on my blogging for Savannah.  So here is a compilation of thoughts and pictures from her in the last 5 weeks... Earliest to latest.  (edited)

June 9th - First week

So much has happened this past week I don't know how I'm going to say it all, but I'll do my best.  First, the MTC was very welcoming, and Sister Budge (our neighbor) was there to greet me!

Our days consist of three class blocks, gym time, meal time, and some time to prepare for the day/activities/bed. One of the blocks is for studying, another to be taught, and the other to teach our investigator(s) (role play for now) 

I have recognized many blessings in my life since I have entered the MTC. For example, just as I thought, I would have no time at all to draw except maybe on P-day and accepted the fact I was blessed with a short time between gym and dinner in which I can draw. I feel so happy and thankful that the Lord has blessed me with time to continue practicing my talents.

My companion, Hermana Perez is very kind and very understanding. She is a great listener.

I feel that I've learned so much in these few days with the language, and there is no way I could have learned so much in so little time without the aid of God. At times it's a little overwhelming, but with the aid of my companion, my teachers, my Branch President, and the spirit I've been making it through alright.
I'm hoping that you will write letters to me as well via mail, I really enjoy receiving them, and we can read them the day they come and I can reply faster as well. It makes me really happy when I get mail!

The days kind of blur together here but there spirit is here and it is great. 
I love you!  -Hermana Neal  

June 16th - Second week

Hola! Again from Hermana Neal 
There are so many birds here it's crazy! But it is so awesome! So much cuteness, and they're totally not afraid of humans, so I get to see them up close.  (Savannah has a thing for birds)

(my district doing the dork 'model' shot)

It's been mostly good since last P-day, I find myself completely burnt out by Sunday, but by Monday I feel renewed again, Sunday has that effect here. 
I'm really picking up on the language, I think I know more than Japanese now, which is not really surprising.

Our latest teacher, Hermano Barfuss will not speak any English, and a part of me wants to hear him speak English, just to hear him speak English. He started out as a Role Play investigator named Jorge so it's really weird to see him teach us.  When he walked into the classroom in a suit, tie, and teaching badge Elder Tannyhill remarked: "we you got converted fast" we were all thinking that too. We teach role play investigators many times a week, our current investigators are Jamie and Israel (who is also going to be played by Hermano Barfuss).

This Wednesday we got 600 new missionaries, it is insane, we are filled to the brim, the cafeteria at Dinner is a nightmare, you don't want to be late for that. But I'm going to be hosting for the missionaries this Wednesday so that should be neat.
Love you mum! ~ Hermana Savannah Neal

June 23rd - Happy Father's Day!

I'm halfway through the time in the MTC! Time flies when you're having fun, as of tomorrow I will be on the fourth week of my mission, woah, it's nearly been a month! It is crazy has fast time flies. Seriously, what happened!?

I am constantly tired, which I think just comes with missionary work but still, it's hard, I really want to be here but at the same time I really miss my comfy bed at home.

Tomorrow I'm hosting for the new missionaries, it's going to be crazy, 600+ missionaries again. Also, the first presidency and the twelve apostles are coming to the MTC to train the new Mission Presidents, so this week is a big week. 

Brother Uibel (from our Ward) was in charge of the MTC training and I got to see him a few times this week!

(We had to eat in the hall because the cafeteria was being used for training.)

(here's a video for Father's day)
Happy happy (late by a day) Fathers day to Dad! ~  Hermana Savannah Neal

June 30th - Espanol!

(this was a surprise text/photo I got on Sunday)

Gracias por mucho e-mails, you soy muy agracido por usted Madre c:

I was very happy to see Brother Uible that day c: it was very nice, they were getting ready for the new mission president seminar. Speaking of, I got to see Elder Eyering get into a car XD that was cool, never seen an apostle in real life before then so I was happy c: 

I have exactly 2 weeks left before I leave for Anaheim, remember I'll be able to call you on the 14th when I leave for Anaheim, so keep your phone near by :D 

I would like to bear a quick testimony in Español, I´ve gotten pretty good at it, I can say a lot without referring, it´s really those in between things.

Yo se que el Evangelio de JesuCristo es verdad. Yo amo el espiritu de Dios mucho. El Espiritu Santo is real y ayudará usted todos día de su vida. Yo siento el espiritu todos tiempo y soy muy agracido por el. El Libro de Mormón es mí favorito libro, y a medio del leo el Libro de Mormón tengo mas revalación para me y missionaros yo saber. Yo agracido por la oprotunidad estar una missionara. Yo amo mucho JesuCristo y Dios, Yo amoré JesuCristo y Dios por eternidad. ¡Estoy missionara por la Inglecia de JesuCristo de los Santos de los Últimos Días y es muybien! El amor de Dios is muy fuerte para nosotros por eternidad. Yo tengo gozo estar missionara. En el Nombre de JesuCristo, Amen.

¿Como es mí Español? Broken I know. Pero, es bien.

I love you madre!  ~ Hermana Neal