Sunday, October 18, 2015

Where in the world?

Bad's been almost 3 months since my last update!  Savannah is doing great.  It's hard work and has it's challenges, but she loves it and is learning so much.  We look forward to her weekend emails.  To avoid writing a novella, I'm going to bullet point some highlights from her emails.\\Personal Growth

*Still in Costa Mesa, her first area.

*Still with the same companion she started with, who is on her last 6 weeks, so Savannah will be sending her home and staying in Costa Mesa with a new companion mid-November.

* It was the 10th anniversary of the Newport CA temple in Oct.  She was able to do a tour and recounted to us a miracle that occurred while under construction; "On January 13, 2005, a statue of the angel Moroni crowned the temple. During placement, a remarkable solar halo was visible, which surrounded the sun. Once Moroni was in place, the phenomenon dissipated."

*Getting to know 'real' mexican food.  It's very good, but they are always teasing her about sneaking the really 'hot' stuff in it. 

Savannah also got to participate in her first hispanic holiday,
Día de Hispanidad.  Lots of food, loud Spanish music, karaoke, mechanical bull and hispanic dances.

 It sounds like the members take very good care of their missionaries.  I had one even call me one day after dinner.  It was nice to talk to someone who had just spent time with my daughter.

*Homesickness.  Yes, a bit, but she has found some constants that has helped.

*Weather: HOT & HUMID

*Packages:  Savannah has really enjoyed getting letters & packages.  I'm sure she has thanked you, but let me add OUR thanks as well.  It really makes her day/week!

*Missionary work: Savannah has had steady investigators and many opportunities to teach the Gospel.  Her happiest emails are the ones about investigators, baptisms and miracles.

Here are a few pieces from Savannah's emails to leave you with...

"This week has been full of personal growth. I felt the stark difference of having vs not having the spirit with you. For "my soul delighteth in the scriptures"(2 Nephi 4:15) I never understood that phrase before now. At first I thought he just really liked the scriptures but after a recent experience I realize and now recognize the power the soul is given when you study the scriptures in prayer. It gives your soul a feeling of joy that no other thing can give. For the spirit is amazing. So a big thing I learned was the necessity for daily spiritual guidance through prayer AND scripture study, specifically the Book of Mormon. I would not have realized this if I was not on my mission, I would of been far too distracted to notice. But being so engulfed in the gospel has allowed me to see that difference and how much joy the spirit brings.


"I enjoyed General Conference more than I have in my entire life! It was so great! We were able to watch the whole thing including General Women's conference. We watched in the Spanish stake center, where they broadcasted it in English and Spanish (the church has two chapels) There were definitely a lot of words meant for me and I learned a lot.

I have noticed the mighty change that has been coming with the spirit.

I am loving it, and intend to take advantage of this constant feeling of the Holy Ghost with me. I have noticed the great difference.

Something you can only feel on your mission, completely devoted to the Lord, I am really working hard to be the missionary I need to be... Oh I love the spirit so much. I feel it so much! "When you cannot do what you have always done, then you only do what is most important."

More pictures! 

 Her desk!

Some artwork...