Monday, July 27, 2015

Costa Mesa Missionaries x 3!

Savannah has been in California for almost 2 weeks now...she is in a trio companionship, which means, yes, she is one of 3 missionaries living together and teaching together.  Her companions are Hermana White & Hermana Rodriquez and they are great and teaching her a lot!

Her first area is Costa Mesa, which is technically outside of the area but still counts as the Anaheim Mission.  

They have taught quite a few lessons, but mostly in English, since the younger generation speaks more English than Spanish.

Savannah was also fortunate to come in time for a baptism!  "Her name is Lindsay (see pic below, girl in white) and she is such a cutie.  It was a really neat experience.  I have not been to many baptisms besides my own and seeing that girl, whom I grew to love so quickly, accept the Gospel was amazing". 

Little "Isabella", the girl in front of me wouldn't leave my side.

"We've found quite a few people (usually to and from lessons).
We found a referral and he called to make an appointment but was gone when we went to teach him. :(  We're teaching a very nice girl named Isel, her mom's a member, and her brother wants to start taking lessons as well.

It's been rough for all of us really, we are all trying to adjust to something new, being in a trio is difficult, but fun. I absolutely love my companions to death though, and I love Costa Mesa! So happy to be a missionary!!!"

So, you might have noticed Savannah is now a red head.  Guess her companions have some experience with dying hair and Savannah got her wish to be a red head.  She is dealing with humidity and so is her curly hair!

Savannah is an Ipad Missionary, not sure what that all means, but I think she is enjoying it!

I don't think they have air conditioning in their apartment, as they are sleeping on top of their sheets, it's HOT.  Hang in there girl, summer is almost over!

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