Wednesday, July 15, 2015

"Let us all press on" Anaheim!

After six weeks of intensive Spanish speaking training in the MTC, Savannah is finally in Anaheim, and she is pretty darned excited about it!

I missed a regular email from her, as she left on her MTC Prep day, but I did get these photos from her later that day.

 I did, however, get to spend about an hour on the phone with her while she waiting for her flight. It was just wonderful to hear her voice!

Savannah really loved her time in the MTC, loves the Spanish language, feels she has a good foundation now and is just so excited to really start her mission in California.

Thanks for all your love & support, letters and packages.  They have meant so much to her.  Until next week, here is Savannah's new favorite hymn. 

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